Since 1992, when B.C.L. has followed the “Suppliers growth path” held by Iveco, the dictates of ISO9001 have been introduced in our organization.
The quality management system is compliant with the requirements of the standard and its main goal is the satisfaction of customers needs and expectation through continuos improvement.
In order to accomplish this goal, have been defined and adopted widespread policies and procedures at every organization level, in order to be understood and applied by everyone.
The quality management system requires the steady commitment to promoting and disseminating the continuous improvement mentality, to improve global efficiency in all process phases as well as the professional level, to comply with the regulations in force and customers specification, to get the agreed quality level and to ride awareness, train and update internal staff systematically.
The defined goals are reviewed periodically according to the relevan quality indexes and the whole organization is asubject to internal audit cycles as well as audits carried out by the certification body.
In november 2017 B.C.L. has achived the quality certification according to the latest update of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.