B.C.L. is specialized in shering and cold forming of sheet metal, in robotic welding and processing of pipes through bender and forming.
B.C.L. also provides a comprehensive custom-made service, mainly in industrial and commercial vehicles part business and in agricultural machines part business.
Within the delivery time specified, it’s possible to satisfy every kind of production requirements, which has processing as shearing, welding, forming, folding, pipes bending and welding, as well as, by the partnership of external suppliers, the painting service or other surface treatments.

Machine Fleet

Cutting Division and colf forming of sheet metal

Our machine fleet, comprised of mechanical presses of varyng tonnage from 40T up to 315T, allows to perform a wide array of processes, including: shearing, deep drawing, decambering, coining, bending, etc.

Press OMERA 315T for automatic cold forming

N° 1 Press OMERA ROSS 315T straight side with supply line of 800 mm. for automatic cold forming.
N° 1 Press OMERA ROSS 250T straight side with link-drive
N° 1 Press AGOSTINO COLOMBO 250T C-Frame
N° 1 Press AGOSTINO COLOMBO 200T C-Frame
N° 2 Presses CATTANEO 200T C-Frame
N° 1 Press CATTANEO 180T C-Frame
N° 1 Press ROSS 160T C-Frame
N° 1 Shear COLGAR from 6 mm.
N° 1 Shear COLGAR from 4 mm.

Complete the division various presses C-Frame from 20T to 100T, notching machines and manual punch.

Pipes division

N° 1 Automatic line of cut ADIGE TT640
N° 1 Tube bending PEDRAZZOLI Bend Master 42IMS
N° 1 Tube bending PEDRAZZOLI Universal Brown 42S
N° 1 Deburring machines TURNAMAT
N° 2 Manual cut-off machines

Complete the division vertical drill.

Press brake division

N° 1 Hydraulic press brake I.MA.L. 75T CNC
N° 1 Hydraulic press brake I.MA.L. 40T CNC
N° 1 Mecanical press brake C.M.L. 30T

Welding and electrical tacking division

N° 1 Robot ABB IRB1400 with positioner IRBP 250D
N° 2 Robot RRROBOTICA ATOM 10 with rotating table
N° 1 Robot RRROBOTICA ATOM 10 with lathe positioner
N° 4 Projection tacking machines
N° 2 Projection tacking machines with nuts feeder M6 and M8
N° 1 Projection tacking machine wall unit